Megan Snyder, Clinical Director of the Ohio Lawyers Assistance Program, joins the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association to talk about how lawyers can care for themselves and still look out for their colleagues during COVID-19.

Ohio Lawyers Assistance Program Executive Director Scott R. Mote, Esq., discusses how OLAP works

Trisha's story: OLAP helped her as a law student who was struggling with alcoholism

Ed's story: The Disciplinary Counsel recommended Ed to OLAP for a mental health issue.

Jessica's story: She struggled as an alcoholic until she got treatment.

Video showing examples of how OLAP works

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Main office: (800) 348-4343


Cleveland office: (440) 338-4650

(800) 618-8606

Cincinnati office: (513) 623-9853

Your CONFIDENTIAL resource for substance use disorders and mental health issues

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