The Ohio Lawyers Assistance Program is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping Ohio's judges, attorneys, and law students obtain treatment for substance abuse, chemical dependency, addiction, and mental health issues. OLAP has existed since 1991 and is active across the state of Ohio. Through OLAP, judges, attorneys, and law students receive:

  Confidential advice about individual problems
  Help in arranging and implementing formal interventions
  Help in deciding between outpatient, inpatient, and other treatment programs
  Monitoring and aftercare services

Alcoholism, substance abuse, addictive behavior, and psychological problems are treatable illnesses rather than moral issues. The only stigma attached to these illnesses is an individual's failure to seek help. It is the responsibility of the recovering legal community to help our colleagues who may not recognize their need for assistance.

If you or a colleague you know need help, contact OLAP at one of the numbers below. Your confidentiality, and the confidentiality of anyone about whom you express concerns will be protected.

  Scott R. Mote, Executive Director 800-348-4343
  Megan R. Snyder, Clinical Director 800-348-4343
  Paul A. Caimi, Associate Director 800-618-8606
  Patrick J. Garry, Associate Director 513-623-9853
  Beverly Perfect, Clinical Assistant 800-348-4343

OLAP is a member of the American Bar Association Commission on Lawyers Assistance Programs


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Call us toll-free 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.
Your confidentiality will be protected.