The table below is intended to provide a broad and general examination of some of the signs and symptoms that are often associated with drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and/or depression. TheĀ self-tests, included on this site may also serve to provide additional insight into alcohol or drug addiction or mental problems.

The Videos provided below may also provide some guidance in identifying signs and symptoms associated with depression, alcoholism, and gambling addiction.

This table is presented with thanks to G. Douglas Talbott, M.D. and Linda R. Crosby, MSN, Talbott Recovery Campus, Atlanta, GA.

Family Physical Community Office Professional
Withdrawal from activities Multiple complaints Decrease in community affairs Disorganized appointment schedule Inappropriate behavior, moods
Frequent absences Increased use of prescription medication Change of friends, acquaintances Hostile behavior to staff and/or clients Decreasing quality of performance
Frequent arguments; child/spousal abuse Increased hospitalizations Drunk & disorderly, DUI arrests "Locked door" syndrome (using it at work) Inappropriate pleadings, decisions
Family members display codependent behaviors Frequent visits to physicians, dentists Loss of confidence in attorney by community leaders Borrowing money from co-workers, staff Co-workers and staff "gossip" about changes in behavior
Children engage in abnormal, antisocial, or illegal activities Personal hygiene, dress deteriorate Involvement with place of worship changes Frequently sick Malpractice and disciplinary claims
Sexual problems (impotence, affair) Accidents, trauma, ER visits Sexual promiscuity Clients begin to complain to associates, staff Missed hearings, appointments, depositions
Separation/ divorce (initiated by spouse) Serious emotional crisis Isolation from support systems Frequent unexplained absences Loss of clients, practice, respect

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Signs and Symptoms of Depression


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